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Published by plangevin
at 09/13/2014 - 1:01pm

As a former teacher and as a student, I have to admit – I have always looked forward to the beginning of the school year. The same is true now as a seminarian.  While I had a great summer – spending six weeks in Guatemala working on my Spanish, attending a parish finance conference at St. Mary's Seminary in Baltimore and visiting with family and friends – it was good to get back to studies and begin Third Theology.

Published by jellis
at 08/05/2014 - 2:04pm

Peter and I just got back from a four-day conference at St. Mary's Seminary in Baltimore (where Juan Aguerre will be studying in a few weeks) looking at Parish Finances.  I don't come from a financial background, but I found this conference to be at a great level for me.  Most priests need to be a "jack-of-all-trades," and this class was structured to give seminarians and new priests a "Parish Finances 101" experience.  We had some great speakers and I felt pretty comfortable with the material.

Published by plangevin
at 07/05/2014 - 3:26pm

During our time in Guatemala, we have learned and seen a lot! It is difficult to believe that we only have one week left here before returning to the US. In this post, I thought I would give you an idea of our typical daily schedule and let you know a little about the community who have been so generous in hosting us in these weeks.

Published by plangevin
at 06/29/2014 - 10:54am

Jesús, manso y humilde de corazón ¡Haz nuestro corazones semejante al Tuyo!

Published by jficara
at 04/09/2014 - 10:55am

Though we are few in number at the Pontifical North American College, and our presence small in comparison with the goliath-sized fan base of such teams as Kentucky, Florida and Michigan, you wouldn’t have guessed it two nights ago when at 3:00AM Rome Time, we faithful (and at times, noisy) few—a priest from the Archdiocese of Hartford, a priest from Bridgeport, and a deacon from Norwich (yours truly)—gathered together in solidarity with the entire State of...

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Published by jellis
at 03/17/2014 - 12:07pm

One of the things that prospective seminarians often do is to take a trip to the seminary and spend a few days experiencing the life of a seminarian.  I know that this was a huge blessing for me before I entered the seminary.  Not that I was necessarily worried about seminary life, but it certainly put me at ease to know a bit about what a seminarian experiences on a daily basis.  Before entering, I got a chance to spend a couple days at St. Mary in Baltimore as well as my seminary, Mount St. Mary in Emmitsburg.  Though I enjoyed my time at St.

Published by jficara
at 02/17/2014 - 2:48pm

For most seminarians and university students across the United States, today will likely be spent preparing for midterm exams or putting the finishing touches on a paper due this week.

Published by jellis
at 01/12/2014 - 1:54pm

Just recently, I was watching a DVD by Australian apologist Matt Fradd.  He was describing his journey to God.  In his high school days, he had become an agnostic, doubting whether one could know God or not.  Transformed by attending a World Youth Day in Rome, he was caught on fire with the Holy Spirit, and moved his relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ to the center of his being.  He tells a good tale, and with the Australian accent, he's automatically more interesting to listen to than most people.  :)

Published by jellis
at 01/02/2014 - 6:15pm

Well, I've returned to the seminary for my 8th semester (out of 12), and I'm ready to go.  Before the semester begins, I'll be doing a little bit of preparatory work for Mount2000, our youth conference for high schoolers that the seminarians put on each year.  But then begins the best part of the entire year... our 5-day silent retreat!

Published by tgriffin
at 12/02/2013 - 10:34pm

I am just back from evening prayer. Normally I sit in the middle of the chapel but today I was up in the balcony and had an opportunity to meditate a little on this different view of my seminary brothers. I am amazed at the diversity of men I share this journey with.  We have a range of ages from mid-thirties to just about seventy and a wide spectrum of backgrounds including teachers, lawyers, bankers, military officers and even a former Anglican priest who recently converted.  Considering this group one thing is clear, God doesn't have just one type of person in mind for the priesthood....