Focus Begins Fifth Year at Uconn Campus in Storrs

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This August begins the fifth year that a four member team of Catholic Missionaries will be working on the campus of UCONN in Storrs Connecticut. Also known as the Fellowship Of Catholic University Students, the Focus team members, two men and two women, assist in spreading the Good New of Jesus Christ on campus. Actually UCONN is one of over 70 campuses nation wide where FOCUS is active. We started four years ago with FOCUS on campus and since then we now have 9 UCONN graduates who are active FOCUS Missionaires serving at several different college campuses across the country. Some of those are men who while serving are discerning the possibility of a priestly vocation and maybe joining our diocese or another in response to the Call of The Lord. During the last four years during the academic year there have been as many as 24 Catholic Bible studies taking place on the Storrs campus at one time, lead by both Focus Missionaries and Student leaders. This has brought many of the Catholic UCONN students back to Christ and back to the Sacraments of the Church. This is evident both from the increase in Mass attendance both during the weekday masses and Sunday masses at Saint Thomas Aquinas chapel on campus. It also is evident by the weekly gathering on Thursday nights throughout the academic year of 40 - 50 students who come for an hour of Eucharistic Adoration with the opportunity to go to confession, followed by a 9pm Mass and then often an hour or more of socialization in the Aquinas Student Center. As this academic year approaches, please put all the students, staff and administration in your prayers along with the parish staff and priests at Saint Thomas and the new members of this year's FOCUS team and their Student Leaders. May The Lord bless all they are doing for Him, with Him and Through Him for the rest of the community there at UCONN STORRS.

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