Bishop Cote Promulgates Revised General Norms for Permanent Diaconate for Diocese of Norwich

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     Early this past summer, on the Feast of Saint Ephrem, Bishop Cote promulgated newly revised general norms for the Permanent Diaconate program for the Diocese of Norwich. In his letter announcing this action the Bishop wrote; "The function of the permanent diaconate in this Diocese has been carefully studied and re-evaluated, and these norms are the result of that comprehensive work".

     Bishop Cote also took the action of appointing a new director of permanent deacon personnel. He thanked Deacon Michael C. Berstene for his service as director for ten years and welcomed anew Deacon Douglas A. Hoffman.

     Deacon Hoffman has served as a permanent deacon since his ordination to the diaconate in June of 2005 at Saint Mary Mother of the Redeemer parish in Groton Connecticut. A veteran of the United States Air Force and presently serving in his 25th year of service with the Groton town police, he is obviously a man with a heart of service.

     Please keep Deacon Hoffman, his wife and family and all those he will serve in this new role in your prayers. May God be you always Deacon Hoffman.


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