Why has there been a decline in the number of persons entering priesthood?


To attribute the lessening numbers of persons entering priesthood to a single cause would be simplistic and unrealistic. The reasons are many and complex. Some factors are the rapid pace of change in our world, the lure of making a lot of money as success, the unwillingness of many to make a permanent commitment to any person or cause, the misunderstanding about the changes in priesthood over the past several years, and the many opportunities for ministry now available to married persons.

Perhaps another reason is that God's call is seldom a roar but is more often a whisper. Our lives today are often busy and noisy, perhaps too noisy to readily hear God when he calls us. This is why if you have any feeling that the priesthood might be what God wants for you, contact us. Together we might be able to cut through the noise and discern God's plan for you.