What does a seminarian study?


There are four main areas of study and development in preparing for the priesthood: human, intellectual, spiritual, and pastoral. 1) Human formation helps the Seminarian integrate the many elements of his life in growing to be a whole person. 2) Intellectually if a man goes to a college seminary, he has the same classes as a regular liberal arts college with the addition of classes on Scripture, spirituality, philosophy, and the Church. After college, he enters theology, where his time is spent studying the Bible, the teachings of the Church, history of the Church, spirituality, moral, Sacramental, and systematic theology and the skills he will need to be a priest. 3) Spirituality, the study of prayer and the development of one's relationship with God, is covered mostly on an individual basis, with each man meeting with a priest-advisor. 4) The ability to minister pastorally is developed in supervised programs of ministry.