What does a priest do all day?


What a priest does with his day is so varied and complex that only a sampling can be given here. Prayer, work, leisure, and exercise are all necessary for a healthy life. We try to make sure we have a balance of all these -- but we don't always succeed. In the area of work (ministry), many of us have one focus, such as teaching, parish ministry, social work, prison ministry, or hospital work, all of which have somewhat regular hours and somewhat predictable demands. The unpredictable's are also interesting and challenging. They center on accommodating the needs of people: the sick, dying, old, angry, hurt, hungry, fearful, lonely, imprisoned, excited, and joyful. We share with them our understanding, encouragement, and support. We rejoice, cry, empathize with them. Such events are both painful and rewarding, fatiguing and spiritually moving.