Father Gregory P. Galvin Director of Priestly Vocations

Where and when were you born?: 
Born at Chelsea Naval Hospital, Chelsea Massachusetts, November 16, 1963
Describe your family: 
My parents names are Edward F. Galvin Jr. And Audrey A. Nolan Galvin. I have eight brothers and sisters, Kristin is the oldest, followed by our deceased brother Michael, then Timmy, myself, my sister Keri, my brothers Luke, Zach, and Zeke and my youngest sister Samantha.
Where did you grow up?: 
Dover Massachusetts, southwest of Boston about fifteen miles.
What schools did you attend?: 
All public Dover schools growing up, including the Dover-Sherborn Regional High School. Then Magdalen College in Bedford New Hampshire, now located in Warner NH and finally Holy Apostles Seminary in Cromwell Connecticut.
What parishes have you attended?: 
I grew up in the parish of Most Precious Blood in Dover and also was educated by the Dominican Fathers in Dover. Since ordination I have spent three years at St. Joseph Church in Willimantic CT., one year at the Cathedral of St. Patrick in Norwich CT., nine years as chaplain at Xavier High School in Middletown CT. During which I was also administrator for one year at St. Colman parish in Middlefield and then pastor for two years. For the past five years I have been full-time director of priestly vocations for the diocese of Norwich.
What was your career or background before entering the seminary?: 
I spent two years after college selling residential real estate for Carlson Real Estate in Needham Massachusetts and then spent two years teaching in Dane Wisconsin at St. Michael parish school before returning to the East Coast to enter the seminary.
What were major Catholic activities you participated in prior to attending the seminary?: 
Teaching in a Catholic parish school, conducting a parish choir for two years, singing in choirs throughout college and for two years while selling real estate and attending the March for Life in Washington D.C. Several times.
Who are your heroes?: 
My parents, St. Paul, Mother Teresa, Blessed Pope John Paul II The Great
What is your favorite sport?: 
To watch baseball, to play, golf, hockey/basketball
What is your favorite book?: 
The Holy Bible
What is your favorite television show?: 
The Dick Van Dyke Show Pawn stars/American Pickers Archie Bunker America's got talent
What is your favorite movie?: 
The original Muppet Movie
Who is your favorite musician or group?: 
Frank Sinatra
What is your favorite food?: 
Pasta and meat sauce/most seafood
Who is your favorite team?: 
The Boston Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics
Who is your favorite Saint?: 
Saint Paul
What are your favorite hobbies?: 
Playing golf, taking cruises, playing the piano, following the Boston sports teams
When did you first think that God was calling you to be a priest?: 
In high school
Who influenced/inspired you to consider diocesan priesthood?: 
Father Alfred Kunz, God rest his soul and Blessed Pope John Paul II The Great
How did your family and friends respond when you started discerning your vocation?: 
They were not surprised at all and very supportive
How did you begin the discernment process with the Diocese of Norwich?: 
Meeting a couple of their seminarians during my first year at Holy Apostles and meeting their vocation director, some of the priests around the diocese and by traveling through the diocese on my way home several different times during that first year.
What did you do to foster your discernment?: 
Pray and meet priests from the Diocese and ask many questions of their seminarians at the time.
Please describe the importance of prayer in your life: 
My prayer is the nourishment of my being every day and that is why the Eucharist is most important to me. If my prayer habit or schedule is not consistent or frequent then I begin to drift away from doing the best I can to be the person and priest God has created me to be.
Have you had any fears or anxieties along the way?: 
Yes, but those must become the spiritual sacrifice that I bring back to the Altar each day.
Where do you study?: 
Usually in the quiet of the rectory.
Does it match your expectations?: 
What is your typical day like?: 
Arise at5:30am to prepare for Holy Mass and he Day Following Holy Mass, breakfast and morning prayer if not finished. Drive to the Chancery or other appointments Return to the parish that I am covering sometime in the evening or late afternoon Finish prayers of the Divine Office, have supper, relax or take care of evening appointments
What are your fellow seminarians like?: 
Not applicable any more
What would you say to a young man who thinks he may have a priestly vocation?: 
Give me a call or your pastor and do not be shy about asking either one of us questions. Bring your concerns and questions also to Christ in your private prayer time and at Holy Mass
What activities would you recommend in order to help foster a culture of vocations to priesthood or religious life?: 
Visit a seminary, talk with different priests around your diocese, sit and talk with a vocation director, go on a retreat for men discerning a vocation and keep your heart open to God's will for you.