Visiting the Seminary

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One of the things that prospective seminarians often do is to take a trip to the seminary and spend a few days experiencing the life of a seminarian.  I know that this was a huge blessing for me before I entered the seminary.  Not that I was necessarily worried about seminary life, but it certainly put me at ease to know a bit about what a seminarian experiences on a daily basis.  Before entering, I got a chance to spend a couple days at St. Mary in Baltimore as well as my seminary, Mount St. Mary in Emmitsburg.  Though I enjoyed my time at St. Mary's, I knew I was at home at the Mount from the moment I first experienced campus.  Though somewhat nervous on the drive up, I experienced a genuine and profound peace as soon as I drove onto campus.  My visit went well, and I am glad to be able to study here.

Last week, Peter and I were fortunate to host a friend from the diocese who is discerning a call to the priesthood.  Hopefully we gave him enough of a taste of seminary life to answer any questions he might have had at the moment.  In the next two weeks, two or three more guys will be visiting from the diocese.  It is good for us to be able to host prospective seminarians, and hopefully it takes a bit of the mystery of formation away.

Keep all those who are considering a vocation to the diocesan priesthood in your prayers.

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