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Though we are few in number at the Pontifical North American College, and our presence small in comparison with the goliath-sized fan base of such teams as Kentucky, Florida and Michigan, you wouldn’t have guessed it two nights ago when at 3:00AM Rome Time, we faithful (and at times, noisy) few—a priest from the Archdiocese of Hartford, a priest from Bridgeport, and a deacon from Norwich (yours truly)—gathered together in solidarity with the entire State of Connecticut to cheer on our UCONN Huskies as they sought to defy all odds and write a historic finish to remarkable run in the NCAA tournament.   What a game!  What a run!  The 4th National Championship for the UCONN Mens Basketball team—a truly a spectacular feat.  Hats off to Kevin Ollie and his fine young group players for their hard-work and a job very well done.  

Like at most colleges and universities across the nation, March Madness is a pretty big deal at the North American College. Not only is it a way for priests and seminarians to feel connected to the schools they formerly attended before entering seminary, but it also is a way for guys here in Rome to participate in the fervor and excitement that both the men’s and woman’s tournaments bring to the nation.  As a UCONN alum, class of 2008, you can imagine the overwhelming sense of pride I felt as the nets were finally cut by the men’s team in North Texas, and then - and then! - the very next night, by the women’s team in Nashville!  Amazing.  There are few moments in seminary when the situation really calls for a seminarian to wear his collegiate apparel (we are, after all, wearing black clerical shirts all day).  Let’s just say, however, since waking up this morning to the news of the womens team's victory, I’ve been rocking my Husky blues over the black collar all day. 

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