Two UCONN Graduates Say Yes To God's Call

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     Today is the Feast of Saint Dominic, the founder of the Dominicans, an Order of Preachers. As many of you know Michael Bovino recently joined the Diocese of Norwich and is heading off in another week or so to Mount Saint Mary Seminary to begin his pre-theology years of study. A good friend of his and also a UCONN graduate two years ago, today receives his Dominican habit as he recently began in first year of novitiate study and prayer with the Eastern Province of the Dominicans, located out in Ohio. Congratulations Jacob Ramos. Please keep these two wonderful men, and now both seminarians studying for the priesthood in your prayers and ask our Lord to continue to guide more fine men to give their YES to HIM! You both are in my prayers in a special way today! God Bless you Jacob and all the Dominican community. 

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