It Takes All Kinds.

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I am just back from evening prayer. Normally I sit in the middle of the chapel but today I was up in the balcony and had an opportunity to meditate a little on this different view of my seminary brothers. I am amazed at the diversity of men I share this journey with.  We have a range of ages from mid-thirties to just about seventy and a wide spectrum of backgrounds including teachers, lawyers, bankers, military officers and even a former Anglican priest who recently converted.  Considering this group one thing is clear, God doesn't have just one type of person in mind for the priesthood. He calls men with varied backgrounds and wide-ranging talents.

I guess this only makes sense because our parishes are made up of individuals with varied personalities, interests and viewpoints.  God needs diversity in the priesthood. No one type of person can possibly relate to every parishioner, no matter how talented a priest they might be. A diverse priesthood is needed to minister to the variety that is the body of Christ.

In my discernment process I at times question whether God had chosen the right person for ministry when He looked at me. I remember questioning this over and over again, praying through my questions and doubts.  I think because I am older I am more aware of both the strengths I bring to the priesthood along with those other areas where I absolutely knew I'd need work. I continually asked myself does God really want someone with these weaknesses?

The answer, amazingly, is yes. I still am humbled that God sees more in me that I see in myself. So, by faith, I put everything in God’s hands, accepted His call and entered the seminary. I can tell you that it isn’t always easy but I’ve come to trust that if I do my part God will do His.

Living in a community with 60 other men all working toward the same goal is an experience like none other I’ve ever had before.  There is a strong feeling of brotherhood and everyone works together to make sure we all succeed.  We are all also very aware that none of us are ‘worthy’ to be called to the priesthood but God knows all the baggage and faults we bring and He still wants us. He also knows what can be done when His power is added to our efforts.


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