Best Part of the Year

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Well, I've returned to the seminary for my 8th semester (out of 12), and I'm ready to go.  Before the semester begins, I'll be doing a little bit of preparatory work for Mount2000, our youth conference for high schoolers that the seminarians put on each year.  But then begins the best part of the entire year... our 5-day silent retreat!

If you have young kids, a 5-day silent retreat probably sounds like a blessing--it is!  If you are young and active, it might sound torturous--it is that too!  For five days, we are led through spiritual exercises by a retreat master, and we immerse ourselves in the Lord.  There is no talking at all--it is truly a time to give yourself to Christ, coming to deepen your relationship with Him.  At times, it can be tough, and there are seminarians who are just about ready to explode by the last day of the retreat.  As for me, I could probably easily handle a retreat twice as long without blinking!

Many of us look forward all year long to our 5-day silent retreat.  It is great way to return to the seminary, putting yourself fully in God's presence before the craziness of the semester begins.

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