Back to School!

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For most seminarians and university students across the United States, today will likely be spent preparing for midterm exams or putting the finishing touches on a paper due this week.   For seminary students in Rome, however, February 17 marks the beginning of a new spring semester, which will run for roughly 15 weeks and conclude sometime mid-June.  With three and a half years of the “European system” under my belt, I’d say I’ve gotten the hang of it.  And  having just completed a three-week period of final exams, I’m pleased to return to the regular routine of classes.  This semester, in particular, will be significant for me as it marks my final semester before (please God) priestly ordination this summer.  


My day began this morning at 6:15AM with Mass and Morning Prayer with the seminary community.  After a quick breakfast, I was off to the Gregorian University (about a 30 minute walk from the North American College).  My first class, Engagement, Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, began promptly at 8:30AM, and met for two consecutive 45-minute sessions.  My second class, Tradition as the Source of Systematic Theology, immediately followed at 10:30AM for another two 45-minute sessions. Posted is a photo I covertly took toward the end of lecture (I don't think the professor minded :) ).   My last class of the day, Friendship as a Theological Category, met after lunch at 3:00PM for another two consecutive sessions.  All in all, it was a busy, but fulfilling day at the University.  I’ve been at this school thing for a while now, but I still get excited for the first day of classes.  Today certainly served as a wonderful reminder of the Lord’s goodness to me and how blessed I am to be able to study in Rome.  I cannot believe how fast the four years have gone!


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