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Father Gregory Galvin
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The night before Diaconate Ordination was a night of Prayer and Light

The Seminary community at the North American College gathered together with many of the visiting priests, family and the seminary community itself for a Eucharistic prayer vigil and procession to the statue of our Lady. Attached is a view of the Vatican Basilica in the back round during the procession at which we processed singing songs to the Blessed Mother while carrying candles. It truly was a great way to focus for what was coming the next morning at Mass at the Altar of the Chair of Saint Peter.

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Heading back to Connecticut from the Ordination

Well it was a wonderful Ordination week in Rome. I had the honor the following morning, Friday October 4th of offering Mass with Deacon Jonathan as Deacon of the Mass. We gathered with his family and a few friends who came for his ordination at the Basilica of Saint Augustine and used the Altar of Saint Monica in the chapel where she is entombed. One of Deacon Jonathan's friends from the NAC lead the singing of the Mass for us and Jonathan preached his first homily!

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His Eminence James Cardinal Harvey Ordaining Jonathan Ficara

In the attached photo you see his Eminence James Cardinal Harvery ordaining Jonathan Ficara to the transitional diaconate through the laying on of hands. Deacon Jonathan has officially given his "yes" to God's Will for him and will continue to finish his studies during the upcoming year. Deacon Jonathan looks forwards to being called by Bishop Cote to priestly ordination for next June.

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Deacon Jonathan following Ordination to Diaconate with his Family

Deacon Jonathan pictured with his mom, Sandra, his Aunt Monica, his nephew Ethan, his grandmother Mimi, and his Aunt's husband David. This photo is immediately following the Ordination Mass at Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome. Please continue to pray for the young men who were ordained on this day and for those who may be considering embracing the Lord's Call to them to "Come follow Me".

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The Laying on of Hands in Silence

During this sacred moment, through the fullness of the priest hood which every bishop shares, they are the instrument for Christ to ordain a man to either the Holy Order of Deacon, Priest or Bishop. Here Jonathan becomes a transitional deacon through the power of the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands by His Eminence James Cardinal Harvey. Saint Peter's Basilica, October 3, 2013

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Prostration of the candidates during the Litany of the Saints

During the ordination rite of the Mass, the deacons lay prostrate on the floor as a sign of them laying their lives down for Christ and His Church. It is at this time that the Church, Bishop, priests, religious, and laity present assist in the chanting of the Litany of Saints, calling down prayers upon each of the men who are about to be ordained. His Eminence James Cardinal Harvey leads the Church in the prayer as the choir chants and the people respond.