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Father Gregory Galvin
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Merry Christmas!

     Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night! May your Christmas Day be one of giving thanks to God our Heavenly Father for the gift of Love he shared with all of humanity that first Christmas morning when His Word took on human flesh. May the Joy of God's Spirit bring peace to our country, our world and to every family. During this Christmas season take the time to stop at church once a day or a few times during each week to reflect upon God's Love for You! Pray for the gifts and blessings in your life.

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The Sun Has Set on The First Week of Advent

     Sorry for the long delay between blog posts but the days kind of got away from me. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend, especially our seminarians. After getting back from all the turkey, trimmings and leftovers, it was right back at it for the weekend Masses at the parish and then preparation was underway for joining my brother priests and our Bishop for the Annual Priests Convocation.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

After having visited Mercy High School in Middletown yesterday for their annual Thanksgiving Mass things tend to get a little quiet this week which of course at this time of the Fall is a blessing for all. Most of our seminarians have a break from classes through the holiday weekend so I hope they are able to enjoy a short break from the academics and share a little time with family and friends. It will be our first thanksgiving since the passing of my Dad this past July.

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Thanks Be To God For A Blessed Fifty Years

    Today I celebrate my 50th birthday! Thanks and praise to God our Heavenly Father who has blessed me in so many ways, with the gift of life and love received through my parents, the gift of faith through baptism, the gift of each of my siblings, the gift of good health, the gift of so many who have touched my life be it in a certain moment or during some of these past fifty years. Thank you God for the gift of the priesthood. Thank you for the opportunity to assist other men in answering that same call - to serve as one of your priests.

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Preparation For a New Television/Internet Commercial for Vocations To The Priesthood

This past Thursday morning over a period of two hours new video was being filmed in our newly restored Cathedral of Saint Patrick for the purpose of putting together a new television/internet commercial regarding vocations to the priesthood. In the upcoming weeks we will post the finished product here on the website and it will soon be seen both on television and internet across Eastern Connecticut. Please pray that it's final touches come together quickly and that those God is calling to His Holy Priesthood will open their hearts to His Will for them.

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Places and Statues inside The National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes - Emmitsburg Maryland

Here you see a view of the Chapel in the middle of the grounds of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes. During the next couple of days I will post on the Homepage a few different pictures from the Shrine. The present view if of where pilgrims to the shrine go to pray to our Lady and to light candles for special intentions. Each of the last six years while visiting the seminary and our men who are studying there, I have taken the time to go up to the shrine to pray. It is a most peaceful and beautiful spot for meditation and quiet prayer.

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Visit the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in Emmitsburg Maryland

While making my seminarian visit each year to Mount Saint Mary Seminary in Emmitsburg Maryland , I also have the opportunity to visit the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes which actually is directly behind the seminary property, just up the hill. It is very prayerful, has a brand new visitor center and allows you to go and be in the quiet, sacred presence of prayer.

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On The Road Back to Connecticut

After 7am Mass with the seminary community at Mount Saint Mary in Emmitsburg, breakfast in the college center and about two hours into my drive back towards Connecticut - a Flat Tire! Why and what caused it suddenly - no idea. Thank you God for the good people of Triple A (AAA) road side service. Make the call, they were there in forty minutes and I was on the road again. Stopped now for a spinach chicken salad at Perkins and then for the second half of the ride back. Today is my brother Tim's 52nd birthday. Please add a prayer for him to your day. God bless the rest of your day!