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Father Gregory Galvin
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UCONN Alumni and Present Student leaders sharing Lunch During Afternoon Break

During the first full day of the Student Leadership Summit in Dallas, here is a picture of UCONN Alumni who are presently Focus Missionaries along with some UCONN present day Students Leaders. Presently there are 9 UCONN Alumni acting as Focus Missionaries after four full years of having FOCUS on the Storrs campus.

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Day Two begins with Adoration and Holy Mass in Dallas Texas

I had the honor this morning of carrying our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament from the small adoration chapel which was packed with college students at 8am, up to the large ballroom used for Holy Mass. Always an amazing procession to be part of. Why? Because as we go it is truly inspiring to see people drop to their knees in Adoration while walking with our Lord through certain parts of the hotel to get to the right room. Then to kneel with over 1500 college students, guests, priests and religious as we prepare for Holy Mass with quiet adoration.

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Chris Stefanick Opens First Night as Keynote Speaker - Makes the House Roar

Speaking to a ballroom of over 1500 college students from across the country, Chris Stefanick discussed why our world is losing faith and what the solution is. He talked about and challenged each person here to accept the call to become a Saint! Well, we are called to it. Do we dare work for it?

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The Fun Has Begun

It is 11:45am and students and Focus missionaries from all over the country have begun to arrive. Shortly I will be checking in at the booth I will be assisting at throughout the conference, the National Conference of Diocesan Vocation Directors, also known as NCDVD. Students will be arriving all afternoon along with sponsors. Hopefully those coming from New England will be able to join us even if they are delayed a bit from the snow storm that was ending up there earlier this morning.

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First Morning In Dallas - Breakfast with UCONN Grad and Focus Missionary

I arrived after a long day of travel, safely and had supper and was surprised by one of our UCONN graduates who was already here and joined me for part of supper before heading of to a planning meeting for the conference. Sam Kelly and I will also share breakfast this morning. Sam is a wonderful young lady who is a missionary here at the Univerisity of Texas Austin, for Focus. Sam wil be MCing the training sessions during the conference and is one of nine UCONN graduates who are presently serving as missionaries. The conference will officially begin this evening with Holy Mass at 5pm.

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Trek to Dallas and the FOCUS Student Leadership Conference

The snow was falling lightly when I left Moodus CT this morning for Bradley Airport. Our flight was delayed taking off about forty five minutes because of the need and process of de-icing the plane. The flight was smooth all the way to Atlanta so I am half way there. It will be fun to see so many of the UCONN graduates and students at this event. UCONN has already 9 missionaries serving as FOCUS missionaries around the country. Pray that all who are traveling tomorrow reach Dallas safely. Check back to see what is going on at the conference. Happy New Year!

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A Great Evening with Bishop Cote, Seminarians and Candidates

   On Monday evening December 30, 2013 as the year slowly winds to an end and still in the midst of the Christmas season, some of the seminarians and a few candidates discerning the call to possibly study for the priesthood for the diocese, gathered with Bishop Cote at is residence for evening prayer, some pizza and the chance to visit and get caught up with each other and with the Bishop. A wonderful evening it was and each of the seminarians received from the people around the diocese a large, over-flowing envelope with many Christmas gifts from around the diocese.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Merry Christmas on this Sixth day of the Octave! We celebrated this past weekend the Feast of the Holy Family and next will be the celebration on January 1, 2014 of the Feast of Mary, Mother of God. We are really so blessed to have Christ as our Savior and to have also been given by Him, His Mother as our Spiritual Mother. May each of us take the time to renew, re-commit or newly dedicate ourselves to the intercessional graces of Our Blessed Mother, Mary. Happy New Year!